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Becoming a Data Driven Organization?

You have been making emotional decisions up until now and want to shift towards a strategy based on data or perhaps enhance it. It’s important to understand that data is a program-based discipline to a business and not an IT owned project.

A Chief Data Officer (CDO) or someone playing this role is as important as a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in your company to help achieve your new goals. CDO success depends on enabling decision makers to access relevant data in timely manner.

For non-technical decision makers, here’s a holistic view of major data components and disciplines required. Regardless of your organization size, data volume, complexity and the velocity (speed of data being generated), you need to understand that each component relies on the underlying discipline.

Let’s talk about Business Intelligence (BI) first because there are three times more job postings related to BI than any other data related jobs. It seems that businesses are hiring more BI developers with no prior understanding of data analytics, governance and collection methods. Any BI tool relies on what data was fed into it.

Data Analytics is the most important discipline of them all based on facts. This person has the most experience with data and business processes who investigates and provides valuable information to everyone else.

Data Science, Machine Learning and AI are other disciplines where it can predict future trends and programmed to make own decisions which is highly subjective. Any outcome from this can make or break you.

Data Governance is the middle layer between data collection points and presenting data. All teams involved here are focused on consistency, integrity and accuracy of the data.

Finally, Data Access and Security applies to everything!

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