Data Analysis and Consultancy Services

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With our extensive experience in data analysis, we bring a unique blend of expertise to the table. Our core focus is integrating Microsoft 365 and Power BI to drive efficiency and innovation in your organization.

Promoting Data-Driven Culture

In the digital era, a data-driven culture is not just an option, it’s a necessity for success. We specialize in instilling this culture within your organization. Our approach helps improve decision-making, streamline operations, and give you a competitive edge.

Data Analyst Work Hours Distribution

  • Prepare the data: 30% of time
  • Model the data: 30% of time
  • Visualize and analyze the data: 25% of time
  • Deploy and maintain assets (Power BI reports): 15% of time

This chart depicts how a Data Analyst typically distributes their working hours across various tasks. Most of their time is split evenly between preparing and modeling the data, followed by data visualization and analysis. The least amount of time is spent on deploying and maintaining assets (reports)

We help reduce the time and cost it takes for data transformations and building dashboards.

data sourcing

Data Sourcing

Our proficiency spans across diverse data sources – from Excel sheets and Google Sheets to ERP systems and relational databases. We ensure seamless integration of these sources to provide a comprehensive data analysis experience.

data transformation

Data Transformation and ETL Processes

We prioritize efficiency and accuracy. Our automated Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) processes are designed to streamline your data transformation needs, ensuring timely and error-free data handling.

data quality

Data Quality and Enrichment

We are committed to delivering high-quality data. Our data enrichment processes add significant value to your existing datasets, enhancing their utility and ensuring they are ready for insightful analysis.

data analysis

Data Analysis and Reporting

Utilizing Power BI, we transform raw data into meaningful insights. Our expertise in data analysis and reporting enables us to provide clear, actionable intelligence that can drive your business decisions.

data distribution

Data Distribution and Maintenance

We understand the importance of data accuracy, accessibility, and security. Our distribution and maintenance strategies are tailored to keep your data up-to-date, secure, and readily available for decision-making.